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KIM, JIN 1974, South-Korea


2007  MAFA Chelsea College of Art & Design, University of the Arts London

2004  M.F.A Department of Fine Art, Graduate school, Chung-Ang University

2001 B.F.A Department of Fine Art, college of Art, Chung-Ang University

His paintings of several palaces: Changdeokgung Palace in Korea, the Forbidden City in China, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, the Palace of Versailles in France, and Osaka Castle in Japan where power reigned, are central to this new series. Now maybe still alive in a snapshot from a passing tourist, these ‘mummified’ palaces and their inhabitants were symbols of authority and oppression in the past. They are strangely similar though to the ‘powerhouses’ of politics, economy, and media in modern day life, where the need for capitalism is prevalent. By chasing this ideal, they forget the needs of the people they govern.

A recent political scandal in South Korea reinforces the thoughts that Jim Kim has on the corrupting nature of capitalism. It inspired him to create this series, giving it a more political narrative than previous work.

His new work gazes at the old glories of the past through a window. These withered palaces are a synonym to the powers they beheld and sometimes still behold. The layer created by the window separates the work and the viewer. The rough brushstrokes enforce this quality, while the perceived light in the paintings make space look like an organism. Throughout the ‘mummified’ spaces in his paintings, Kim would like to describe the people who are still not democratic and exist only for the benefits of a few specific groups with power.

‘The reason art touches our hearts or the reason we want to be touched by art must be because we all believe that there is something special in the art that can change our lives.’ Jin Kim