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Kim Yisu was born in South Korea in 1974. Kim graduated from Pratt Institute in New York in 2005 and earned her doctoral degree in Western painting at Sungshin Women’s University in 2010. She currently lives and works in Seoul.

Yisu Kim tries to express a landscape of a dim Inframince floating over the surface of a lake amid fog. Her sentiment is supported by the concept of such Inframince. The term ‘inframince’, which is introduced by Marcel Duchamp, means ‘of being extremely thin and tiny’. This idea can be understood as a thing that has no proper identity, or it can be explained as the between-ness of an unrecognizable area and its edges. This is a complicated, unstable conception. Kim’s landscapes exist on a permanent boundary, inaccessible like the horizon.  Kim recalls the boundary as a landscape of Inframince. Kim’s works have been shown around the world in galleries and other art institutions, the most recent one in the Hendrick Hamel Museum in Gorinchem, the Netherlands.  Her work is to be found in private and public collections.

Kim holds an M.F.A. from Pratt Institute of Art & Design (USA) a B.F.A. and M.F.A. from Sungshin Women’s University (S-Korea). She lives and works in Seoul, S-Korea

在海平線上,我看見了夕陽。遼闊天空下的海平線,太陽照耀著海洋,構成了夕陽迷人的景像。夕陽在時間的邊際,吞噬了風和光。Kim 以大自然的景物為題材,把他們畫到帆布上。

我站在海平線,時間流逝。大氣和光影響著無數的生命,亦影響著藝術家的創作。他希望打破時間和空間的界限,借用Marcel Duchamp “Inframince” 的意念來創作。 “Inframince” 文意上解釋為微細或渺小,在兩者之間的一種狀態。從藝術的角度, “Inframince” 理解為長而窄的線條,或線條與線條之間的空間。Kim 以這個概念利用彩染和Arcylic painting的技術放到半透明紙。

Kim 早年畢業於韓國誠信女子大學,獲得藝術學士學位,後來留學美國Pratt Institute of Art & Design攻讀藝術碩士。Kim 現居於韓國首爾。